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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sick as a Dog + Current Obsession

Hey everyone! So, I've been feeling really sick the past few days. I just wanted to do a short blog to explain why I've been completely MIA the past few days. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully I'll be all better by next week :) I've got a lot of work to do the next few days, as well as prepping for school, so I won't be posting as much anymore :( Just keep reading for more updates!

Also, I decided to start posting at the end of each blog post what I'm currently-at-that-very-moment obsessed with. It may be food, it might be movies, music, people, basically anything! It's just so you guys can learn more about my personal interests :) Like the idea? Let me know in the comments below!


CURRENT OBSESSION: green tea - amazing when you're sick :) here's my favorite kind:


  1. Hope You Get Better Soon:), Plus You Won The Stylish Blogger Award If It Makes You Feel Any Better:')<3


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