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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

So it's the beginning of April and spring is in the air, so all of the girly, sparkly, pretty makeup is coming back in style. In the winter, I seem to neglect my makeup collection as it's "cold" (for a Californian, cold is best described as any time of the year when something with sleeves must be worn). Not only that, but when spring comes, the sun is out, so naturally I feel a bit more energized and therefore, I put more effort into my look.

One of the best purchases I've ever made has been my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette.

I love this palette because, as I am blue eyed, the colors are super complementary to my eyes. Blue eyed people often lean toward browns, golds, and light pinks. This palette has just that! This isn't just for blue eyed people though, this palette looks great on all eye colors. I'm often doing my friends' makeup and all I bring is this. It seems to work on everyone. Now, there have been about a bazillion posts/reviews/tutorials using this palette, but I wanted to share my thoughts as well.

So, as seen above, there are 3 looks one can create: Day, Classic, and Fashion. For more everyday looks, I use an assortment of colors.

1) Prime eyes [I like the Stay Don't Stray Primer from Benefit].
2)Apply Silk Teddy to only your lid.
3)Apply Push-Up to your crease.
4)Apply Cocoa Puff to the outer V of your eye.
5)Apply Heaven as a highlighter underneath your brow bone.

1)Prime eyes.
2)Apply Nude Beach all over eye area.
3)Apply Erotica in your crease.
4)Apply Sexpresso in the outer V of your eye.
5)Apply Silk Teddy into the inner corner of your eye.
6)Apply Heaven as a highlighter underneath your brow bone.

There are so many different looks to create using this palette, I love it! It also comes with an angled brush and sponge eyeshadow applicator, which are great for when you travel.

Overall, I give this product 5 STARS and have already repurchased it I think two times (but maybe even 3...)because I ran out of the colors. I abosolutely love this and use it almost everyday. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this review and keep reading my blog for more reviews and tutorials!



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