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Saturday, April 9, 2011

March Favorite Beauty Gurus

So, kind of a twist on March Favorites. I was asked by one girl who reads my blog, Kelly (she asked me not to use her last name), to do my March Favorites: Beauty Gurus edition! I'm so excited to do this and hope that everyone else does this too! Just remember if you do this tag on your blog, to link back to my blog :)

1) Allthatglitters21 / Ellesglittergossip
--She is my favorite guru of all time- so sweet, and has so much knowledge on makeup! She also lives in Los Angeles, like me! Above is her Glitter Gossip: On the Go! video.

2) TmaraCo / Centered28
--I love these two because they're both Aussies...oh, and best friends! They have a cool take on the beauty guru scene, as they are still in school (like me), but know a ton about beauty! Above is their video on their new contest, be sure to participate in that!

3) Macbarbie07 / BethanysLife
--She's one of the more popular gurus, but she is still amazing! Her videos are inspirational, and she's gorgeous! Above is her must have spring jewelry pieces- love her style!

4) Leighannsays
--She is not a very well-known beauty guru, but she is so funny! She constantly does blooper/outtakes videos and they make my day so much better! She's from Texas and brings the attitude (a good one!) as well as the big hair with her! Above is one of her funniest outtakes videos, watch until the end!!

5) Shellx85x
--She's brand new onto the YouTube scene, but she is so sweet and her reviews are fabulous! Above is her MAC haul! It's a huge haul, btw!!

I have so many more favorite gurus, but I can't include them all or else this post would take forever to read! If you guys have other favorites (MissJenFABULOUS, ImperfectionsBeauty, etc), post them in the comments below!

Also, check out my favorite makeup brushes (I buy them from Amazon)... the very popular Sigma Makeup brushes! Here's a link to where I buy them from :) Enjoy and comment on anything below!!



  1. i love love love love love macbarbie07 and Allthatglitters21 / Ellesglittergossip they're like my all time favorites :) && do u have a youtube channel? i wanna dd you

  2. Well my YouTube got hacked a while ago, so I deleted it. I just made a new one, but I haven't uploaded any videos yet. My username is MakeupBySerena .

  3. awe! that sucks /: who would wann ahack a youtube? thats weird...&& just subscribed :)

  4. My favorite beauty guru is cutiepiemarzia for sure :) But these are great too!


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