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Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to Make Eyes Pop! Make Your Eyes Look Bigger!

Here in Los Angeles, the weather has been great and it feels like summer is right around the corner. Personally, when summer comes, I attend a lot more parties and such- so I'm always doing my makeup and looking for new ideas. One thing I always focus on is my eyes. I have bright blue eyes, but I always try to make them pop... by making them look bigger! Here are some tips I've used in the past that really do make my eyes pop!!

1) Probably one of the most popular tips, apply white eyeliner near the tear duct area. Even though this is used to brighten your eye, it can also be combined with other tips and will make your eyes appear brighter and bigger!

2) False eyelashes!! Don't be afraid to use false eyelashes! They really do make a difference if you want your eye color, especially, to pop :) If you really prefer not to use them, try Maybeline The Falsies mascara - I love this stuff and the brush is curved so it coats every lash!

3) Curl your lashes! If you're not using false eyelashses or a special mascara, just curling your lashes before applying mascara can make so much of a difference! Try to find a good curler, though, because some cheap ones really don't work. I'll post my favorite eyelash curlers in a blog post coming up soon, so check that out!

4) Maintain your eyebrows! When you let your eyebrows get bushy and disregard them, it can really detract from your eyes and close off your eyes- making them look small. Make sure you keep them clean and pretty, so your eyes always pop!

5) Use contrasting eyeshadow! When I say contrasing eyeshadow, I mean if you have blue eyes (like myself), use browns, gold, and light pinks. Colors that contrast your eyes- it makes a huge difference!
--Blue Eyes: browns, golds, pinks...NO BLUES!
--Brown Eyes: pinks, purples, but be careful of dark browns as they may wash out your eyes
--Green/Hazel Eyes: purples, maybe some browns/golds, but NO GREENS!

Overall, these quick tips can help you achieve that stand-out eye! I hope this helped and keep following my blog for my updates on makeup and beauty, and my reviews/tutorials!



  1. thanks so muchh! i really needed this :)

  2. whats the best form to plock your eye brows?

  3. You're welcome! And I go to a salon and get my eyebrows professionally done.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I need to get my eyebrows done soon. :)


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