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Sunday, June 5, 2011

May Favorites

Hey everyone! So it's already 5 days into June and I realized I haven't done my May Favorites yet!! (I'm sorry for never doing an April Favorites, but I just felt there weren't enough products to do a post for April.)

1) Benefit Hoola Bronzer- [$28] This is seriously my holy grail bronzer. I wear it almost everyday, and because I have clear skin (knock on wood) and don't need any heavy coverage, I can use this as my foundation. I love the color- a true brown- and the new packaging!! It now comes with a mirror, just like Bella Bamba!

2) Urban Decay Naked Palette- [$48] I used to use this everyday, but then switched to the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (which I still love), but now that Sephora restocked the Naked Palette, I've been using this more and more. The only down side about this palette is that it no longer comes with the 2 eyeliners, but instead features an eyeshadow brush. I really hate this new version because I absolutely loved the two eyeliners it came with before (Whiskey is probably one of my all time favorite eyeliner colors)!

3) Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color in Dewy Papaya- [$30] I love this color! It's so perfect for summer because it's a very sheer peach color that gives your lips just the right amount of pop, but without over doing it. I use this pretty much everyday and I absolutely adore it! It was so hard to chose my favorite YSL lip product, and if you're not into peach colors, my second favorite is probably Succulent Pomegranate (although Juicy Grapefruit looks great as well).

4) MAC Surf, Baby! Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Blue Noon- [$15.50] Choosing between Blue Noon and Gilded White was very tricky because both colors are fabulous! However, because it is summer and I tend to wear brighter colors, I had to go with Blue Noon! It's basically a teal color and what I love is the effect it gives my eyes. I have very blue eyes (almost like a pool water blue...if that makes any sense) and the darker blue of this eyeliner makes them pop even more! I like to combine Blue Noon on my lash line with Gilded White in my tear duct area to create the perfect summery look! I've included a swatch of both of them so you can see the true colors!

5) Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Moisturizing Body Lotion- [$49] Holy Chanel!! Did I just say that my absolute favorite scent of perfume now comes in a Moisturizing Body Lotion, as well as a shower gel and body oil? Yes I did, thank you Chanel! I literally died when I saw this in the store!
I bought:
-the Moisturizing Body Lotion [$49]
-the Foaming Shower Gel [$49]
-the Velvet Body Oil [$55]
-the Fresh Body Satin Spray [$55]
-the Shimmering Touch Spray [$65]
-the Fresh Body Lotion [$49]
... I am officially obsessed. Now, these products have been out for a while, but everytime I go to get them, they're sold out! So, that's why I legit bought everything they had while it was in stock. I called my sister after I bought all of these and did she call me crazy? Nope! It turns out she had just gone to MAC and bought not just a few of the Surf, Baby! products, but ALL of them! Obviously, she's crazier than me... Anyway, these all smell fabulous, but the moisturizing body lotion is my favorite because it truly moisturizes my skin and locks in the wonderful Chanel smell. I use this right after I get out of the shower and my skin stays moisturized for a good 24 hours. I highly recommend these products, and although you don't have to purchase all of them as I did, I recommend you pick up the ones you want now, since availibility of these products is not great. (If you want more options, you can always order them online, but I'm too impatient when it comes to my Chanel!)
My mom is also sending me
-the Bath Soap [$23.50]
-the Body Cream [$80]
-the Fresh After Bath Powder [$60]
Sephora does not sell these three products, so my mom is ordering them off of the Chanel website (I love her)! I'm including all of the product pictures below, so you can see them in all of their glory!

This is the end of my May Favorites! I hope you enjoyed this post, and feel free to do this on your blog or youtube account! Also, did you guys like the way I edited the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle picture? I thought I would try and do my own pictures here and there, but if  you prefer the clean-cut, from the internet pictures, I can keep those. Let me know in the comments below! Finally, I just wanted to say this post is so fun to do because it's not only my favorites of the month, but I'm posting this from Hawaii! Anyway, have a great rest of your summer, but if you're in Australia or somewhere where it's fall/autumn, then have a great fall!



  1. It's absolutely fabulous! Have you tried it?

  2. no...but now ill definetly will,and ill give you a review on it :) those colors look super pretty!

  3. i've heard a lot about Urban it good? :)

  4. Urban Decay is amazing! They have great quality products that I swear by! You should definitely check them out!

  5. I looooove the MAC eyeliner in the color Gilded White! im going to order that today!

  6. you like chanel coco mademoiselle just a lil bit??

  7. Haha it's seriously become an obsession! A girl's gotta love her Chanel <3

  8. serena!! i finally got the MAC surf eye pencil in blue:)

  9. OMG that's great! Isn't it fabulous?

  10. its amazing,im not a fa of the color blue but its just so pretty on eyes :) (sorry for the late response)

  11. I love blue on eyes! It makes them pop :)

  12. Oh I so want to have that Urban Decay Naked Palette. :D


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