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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update: Hunter

Hey everyone! I know earlier I was so excited to announce my give away, but now my attention is kinda switched. As you all know, Hunter and I went to Hawaii together and for the most part, had a great time. However, we did have one sorta big fight. We got over it though and everything was normal.

Hunter's mom (who I am very close to) insisted I come to their beach home in the Bahamas. Hunter and I were going to stay in the guest house and it was all planned out. Unfortunately, I couldn't go because my sister was coming to stay with me in LA for a little while. Hunter's mom totally understood, but Hunter seemed really upset. Apparently he felt I wasn't spending time with him, and I only spent time with my family- not his. After trying to reason with him, I finally gave in and said I'd go to the Bahamas with him. The worst part of this was having to tell my sister she couldn't come to LA and stay with me. Hunter was so happy, as was his family. Something, though, felt wrong and yup you probably guessed it- Hunter and I started arguing again!

After having a weird past few days, he called me and told me he was no longer willing to be second in my life or something like that. And then proceeded to uninvite me to the Bahamas. He said we were officially over and hung up. I will admit I cried! I mean, what girl wouldn't?

To make everything even better, I heard he already invited another girl to the Bahamas. It's been like 1 day since the break up! Who does that??

To conclude, I am now officially single and I'm looking forward to finding a guy who appreciates me AND my family!

I hope I didn't ramble too much! And I just wanted to let everyone know Hunter and I broke up because, believe it or not, people email me asking how he and I are doing. I really don't want those emails any more :/

Anyway, I hope your day was way better than mine and the give way rules will be posted soon!

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  1. Awhh, I'm So Sorry Hun!
    Hope You Ok?<3

  2. Awww, i hope u find a guy who truly appreciates u!! stay strong =) <3

  3. Shannn:)x -- Yes, I'm doing much better today! So many followers have emailed me with awesome words of advice! I really appreciate your concern!

    Aly -- Thank you so much! I hope I find a guy too :) And this give away is helping me take my mind off of Hunter and stay strong!

  4. be strong<3 i

  5. Nikki -- Thank you so much! You guys are making this hard time so much easier! I really appreciate your comments <3

  6. awe,im sorry /: hope you guys work it out!

  7. Hunter and I are pretty much over, but I hope we can be friends! Thanks for your concern!

  8. aw im really sorry too hear that :/
    i know you deserve better!

  9. I'm so sorry to hear this Serena, Lauren is right, you deserve alot better; &i'm sure you'll find it! i live by alot of quotes & 1 of them is..
    "you have to kiss a few frogs, to find your prince"
    Hope your ok <3

  10. Laura -- Thank you so much for your support :)

    Kayleigh-Ann -- Thanks so much! Love the quote!

  11. I'm so so so so sorry!! He doesn't deserve you anyway (:

  12. be strong ! <3 ur strong , pretty girl <333! :)

  13. Oh thanks Karina! That means a lot :)

  14. That's sad. There would be a better someone! :D


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