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Friday, July 15, 2011

And The Winner Is... (+ Youtube Announcement)

Hey everyone! So it's the 15th :) I know everyone is anxious to hear who won the $420 makeup give away and yes, I have selected the winner at random. Before I say who won, I want to make a little announcement.

I am going to start making youtube videos! HOWEVER, I'm not going to be talking in them like most gurus. I don't really want to put my face/voice/whatever all over the internet (I'm a little scared about that, lol). I am simply going to be doing tutorials. So, when I upload my first video, you'll see exactly what I mean :) So everyone right now, go and subscribe to my channel!
I would love you guys to subcribe and spread the word about my channel- it would mean so much to me!!

So now that I've told you all my little announcement, it's time to announce the winner of the $420 huge give away! Of course, because I just told you about my new youtube account, I had to announce the winner in the form of a video! So just click play on the video below and you'll find out who won! Again, thanks to everyone who entered!! I had so much fun reading all your emails, tweets, facebook posts, and comments! I will probably do another give away in the future (**hint hint: subscribe to my youtube channel). Again, thanks to every single one of you! I can't express my thanks enough :)



  1. Thanks for subscribing! Please, please, please share my youtube link to all your friends and family :)

  2. OH MY GOSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH I CANNT BELIEVE I WON :D Serena, thank you so so so so so so so much! I got your email and I'll be sending you my mailing information really soon!! Thanks so much again :D


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