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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sorority Sisters Launch!

Hey everyone! I have amazing news to share with you guys! Many of you who follow me on twitter, facebook, etc... know that I've been saying I have a special announcement that would come this week. Well, here it is! Recently, Taylor from youtube (CollegeGlamoration) posted a video talking about an upcoming idea she had to create a virtual sorority. She asked for anyone who wanted to blog or do videos for the Sorority Sisters group, so of course, I knew I had to!

So let me slow down and explain what Sorority Sisters is. It's a virtual sorority that is basically a group of 40 bloggers and vloggers dedicated to giving college advice, tips, and general college information. When I applied to Sorority Sisters, I had to answer basic questions and decide if I wanted to blog, vlog, or do both. I decided to just help with the blogging part of Sorority Sisters! Since I'm not involved with the youtubers, I can't really say what their schedule for posting is exactly, so I'll just be explaining the blog part of it to you guys!

I am a weekly blogger, but some girls are only posting monthly. I will always be posting on Mondays (which means when Monday comes, you should check out my post :D)! The things I write about are mainly fashion, makeup, beauty, and then little random things- like designing your dorm. Other girls are focused on totally different topics- finances, safety, etc. So it really is a complete guide to college, but also a type of advice column!

The girls in Sorority Sisters are either juniors/seniors in high school or in college. They are a great group of girls and let me tell you, I've read some of their posts that aren't published yet, and you will definitely want to read them!

If you want to know more about the girls I'm working with, just visit the Meet the Sisters page:

Here is the Sorority Sisters blog where we will post daily:

Here is the Sorority Sisters youtube where videos will be posted daily:

Here is the Sorority Sisters facebook page:

With this blog, I have created a second twitter:

I have also created a second email:

I hope everyone enjoys the blog and youtube! Let me know what you think too! The first blog post will be posted Monday, so that is the official launch of Sorority Sisters! My post is going to be about the top 10 items of clothing you should bring to college! I started off with a fashion post and will most likely do a makeup post next week! If you have any requests for me to post on the Sorority Sisters blog, feel free to request away! Hope you like our blog and youtube!!


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